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What do you Call them?

Video cards, video brochures, tv cards, ibrochures, ebrochures, electronic brochures, video packs, e cards; there are a whole host of names that people use to refer to video in print marketing. While there is no one correct term, we’ve found, the most universally used is video brochures.

Video cards was the popular term for quite some time but this led to problems when people wanted to search for them, often stumbling across video cards for computers instead. This made finding video brochures a lot more difficult.

And while the aforementioned terms are all applicable, we have never fully agreed on just one. A reason for this is that as companies are emerging in this new corner of the market, they are eager to coin the product in their own name, to claim a kind of hierarchy. Another reason is that they are still quite new, and people are still discovering them in different places with different names.

Breaking them Down
Video brochures take traditional print media and incorporate a razor thin LCD screen. These are often packaged in a presentation box, creating a type of pack, a common reason for them being referred to as video packs.  The lower case ‘i’ has become synonymous with electronic products, mostly thanks to Apple and as a result, video brochures are often referred to as ibrochures or interactive brochures. Again, a perfectly understandable term though it does cause some misunderstandings. While video brochure technology is compact and versatile, they do not offer the interactivity of a tablet or a smartphone. The screens are high quality, however the PCB board behind it is much less powerful than that of a tablet and as a result, video brochures do not have the same level of interactivity.

There have been moves in the market to create a “smarter” video brochure but the result has been a cheap tablet that is wrapped in artwork. Not only is this more expensive, it actually poses a danger. Thorough testing has resulting in overheating and faulty brochures, and we certainly don’t want that!

Another letter synonymous with electronic products is of course the lower case ‘e’. ebrochures or electornic brochures are a popular term also. This is a more accurate, maybe even literal, if you like, description of video brochures and one that proves to be a popular search term.

One Shall Prevail!
The concept for video brochures has been around since the 90s but in their current, fulfilled state, they are quite new to the market and so the exact term has yet to be decided. For the time being, I think we will continue to hear a variety of different terms but as they are introduced to more and more people, one shall prevail!

Video cards, video brochures, tv cards, ibrochures, ebrochures, electronic brochures, video paks, e cards; whatever you choose to call them, they have certainly caught the attention of many for their unique and innovative impact.


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