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Vidioh Express Books

7.0″ HD All Angle Viewing Screen set in a 215.5 x 180mm Landscape Hardback Cover.

Vidioh Express Books are a powerful marketing tool that work as an excellent way to deliver your message, whether for proposals, pitches, product launches or highly personalised direct mail. Our Express Books are ideal when you require a fast turnaround as they are produced by us in the UK.

Guide Pricing
1-5 books = £130.00 per book per artwork
6-9 books = £100.00 per book per artwork
10-25 books = £75.00 per book per artwork
26-50 books = £65.00 per book per artwork

Universal video upload is charged at £2.00 per video per book. Alternatively you are able to upload the video yourselves on arrival, if you prefer.

(Prices exclude delivery charge and VAT)

Vidioh Express Book in Action

Below you will find a live example of a 7.0" HD Hardback Video Book that showcases its size and functionality.


It is possible to personalise each book, at an additional cost, to assist you in creating a more personal campaign.

Each digitally printed hardback book comes with a 7.0” high definition all angle viewing screen, 512mb of memory (460mb free upload space when loading in MP4 1280 x 720, 16:9) and a 2 hour battery with the option of loading up to 3 videos plus volume up and down buttons. The UK Express Service also offers a plain white soft back outer presentation box, if required, free of charge!

Vidioh Express Books provide our UK customers with a unique, engaging product from a bespoke service which is second-to-none, enabling you to meet those all important deadlines.

Screen Size 7.0″ HD All Angle Viewing
Card Size 215 x 180mm Hardback
Videos 1-3
Battery Life 2 hours
Memory 512mb

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