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How To Easily Find Inspiring Print & Graphic Design

Make your visual marketing campaigns full of inspiration with our go-to resource on how to find graphic + print designs.


As marketers find innovative methods to attract and delight audiences, video content is becoming the ‘go – to’ medium to rise above and cut through the noise.

Google playing with a Video Marketing Character

12 Inspiring Video Marketing Campaigns

Video marketing first appeared on our television sets in the late 1940s and has become a key component of our media culture.


Video Brochure Case Studies

Chelmsford Museum

Read about how the Chelmsford City Museum used video brochures to promote their education and learning sessions to local school groups.

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Greensleeves Care

Read about how Greensleeves Care created their video brochures to help customers choose the right care home in the midst of the pandemic.

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Viega needed to make an impact on the market quickly. Video brochures enabled them to share their company brand and message with a variety of prospective clients, leaving a lasting ‘wow’ impression.

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Top Banana

Top Banana are a creative communication agency who work with businesses to create exciting and engaging events and communications with clients. They wanted a unique and interesting way to share the great video they created to promote their incentives service.

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5.0 HD A5 Landscape Softback Video Card - MVF 5.0


MVF is a successful lead generation company that had a very good idea of who they wanted to talk to – but were struggling to find an engaging way of getting their powerful message in front of them.

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Video Brochure Case Study

Electric Airwaves

Electric Airwaves needed a piece of marketing collateral to support their new business development process. It needed to demonstrate who they are and what they do in an engaging and compelling way since documents and PDFs have limited appeal to time-poor potential clients. View More…

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Video Brochure Card

World First

World First is a market-leading, award-winning, rapidly-growing international FinTech business. Experts in international currencies and money transfer, World First used video brochures for new business generation and for meeting follow up packs.

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Softback Video Business Card - Quinn

Quinn London

Quinn London Heritage Division was looking for an innovative, unique way to improve their brand awareness and decided to showcase their restorative work on the Gunnersbury Park project with a 2.4″ video business card.

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Video Brochure

Saunderson House

Saunderson House provides a comprehensive financial planning and investment management service and leveraged the power of video brochure cards to improve their partner engagement and advocacy.

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Video Book

John Innes

The John Innes Centre is an independent international centre of excellence in plant science and microbiology. John Innes worked with Vidioh to improve their brand awareness at the Fostering Innovation Conference.

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Free of Charge Loaned Sample

We’re happy to provide you with a free of charge loaned video brochure sample to a UK mainland address for 2 weeks initially. Should you be outside the UK there will be a charge for the brochure and courier, however, if you proceed with an order of 50+ units the brochure cost will be deducted from an order placed within 12 months of the sample invoice date.
Graphic Print Design Example

The Comprehensive Guide: Print Graphic Design Inspiration

From the simplicity of Google’s multicolour lettering to McDonald’s famous golden arches and Coca-Cola’s classic typography, visual branding has become synonymous with human culture. Whilst graphic and print design are generally known to be closely associated with marketing and advertising, exceptional design is more than simply a byproduct of business success, it drives it in […]

The Top 10 Direct Marketing Examples and Why They Were So Successful

Some of the most successful direct marketing campaigns have been crazy, innovative and sometimes even ground-breaking. Today, we’re looking at what made these campaigns so successful and the thought processes behind them.  While there’s no magic formula to a successful campaign, every campaign strives for that one goal, to be unique and memorable.   So, we’ve handpicked 10 of […]

Learn how to increase your response rates with Video Brochures

Increase Response Rates with Vidioh

As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with advertising and marketing messages every day and it can be difficult to distinguish what is useful, and what isn’t. The simplest solution is to discard them all, as we quite simply do not have time to sift through each message and make decisions on how we might react. […]

RM Education Video Brochure

Leave a Long-lasting Impression with Vidioh!

RM Results, who create powerful technology and provide expertise to streamline every aspect of the exam cycle, launched a new video in early 2014 called ‘Life Cycle of an Exam.’ They wanted to use something that provided the wow factor, and so got in touch with Vidioh to discuss and create their campaign. Working closely […]

9 Psychology Hacks for Creating More Engaging Video Content

Video marketing is all the rage but crafting compelling and engaging videos is a task that defeats many marketers, and since video campaigns are often costly and time-consuming, there’s an even greater pressure to achieve performance and results. Video Marketing and Psychology We all probably have an understanding of the link between marketing and psychology […]

Optimal Video Length Featured Image

What Is The Optimal Video Length?

Despite our position at the top of the planetary food chain, a 2015 study from Microsoft showed that the human attention span is actually shorter than that of a goldfish. It also showed that our attention span has decreased substantially from 12 seconds to around 8 between the years of 2008 and 2013. Whilst the […]


How To Make High Quality Videos On A Shoestring Budget

Video has become an intrinsic component of the internet’s enormous content mass. The content creation landscape has shifted to accommodate this relatively new form of media with an estimated 74% of internet traffic today being video traffic. If you take Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into account, you can really see the full scale of video’s […]

Video Content Marketing Types Feature Image

The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing Content Types

In the era of modern content marketing, video has become a cornerstone for brands and businesses looking to increase their reach, awareness, leads and ultimately sales. It’s no wonder that the marketing world is now buzzing with guides, articles and research papers that cover every aspect of video. The effectiveness of video marketing is clearly […]

Video Brochure with Logoed Presentation Box

Boost your Engagement with Video Brochures

Our client, Maasai Marketing Services, did just this for one of their clients Ryobi. Ryobi wanted a creative and engaging way to invite their clients to their Consumer Conference in April of 2014. Maasai opted for three videos. One informing their audience of what they can expect at this years conference, and two more giving […]

Create the perfect invite to your event

A big thank you to everyone who visited our stand at Marketing Week Live. It was a fantastic event that enabled us to meet lots of new faces and demonstrate our products, which has generated a massive interest in Vidioh. Video brochures are continuing to attract great interest from a lot of people in a […]