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360 Degree Video Brochure

Capture and share immersive 3D environments with your audience by harnessing the power of a 360 Degree Touch Screen Video Brochure.

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Video Brochure Testimonials

  • We wanted to implement a targeted campaign to a new audience and found that the video brochures were an innovative and exciting way to deliver our message. The quality of the video brochures were fantastic, and we had great feedback from the recipients.

  • Vidioh! cards add real value and provide a long-lasting impression, especially combined with the right content and impactful design!

  • Our recent video card b2b campaign for our client is currently delivering a 25% conversion rate to appointments. On the previous campaign our client converted 10% of the recipients to accounts. How about that?


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360 Degree Video Brochure Specifications

360* video brochures utilise innovative touchscreen technology, enabling any target audience to view, explore and immerse themselves within your 3D content experiences.

The continuous screen life of our 360 degree video brochure units is approximately 2 hours.

7.0″ HD All Angle Viewing 360* Video Screen 
Card Size A5 or larger
Battery Life 2 hours
Memory 256mb
Screen Type Touchscreen
Upgrades Memory: up to 4gb
Battery: up to 5 hours

Every 360-degree video brochure unit is accompanied with a free of charge standard USB to mini USB cable.

If you have a specific function in mind, please do let us know and we will confirm whether it is possible. We can help you to make a truly unique video in print solution as bespoke sized units are available. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.


Card Size A5 or larger
Battery Life 2 hours
Memory 256mb
Screen Type Touchscreen
Upgrades Memory: up to 4gb
Battery: up to 5 hours
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Video Production Services

We can help you create impactful video content that is sure to win the hearts and minds of your viewers. Our video and media team would be delighted to talk to you about your specific project in more detail.

Design Services

Either you can provide your artwork to us or our in-house design studio can create unique artwork for your brand.

Optional Extras

Optional extras include an outer presentation box, special finishes such as spot UV or foil blocking, an internal pocket, business card slits,  a headphone socket and earbuds. 

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What can I use it for?

Domestic & Commercial Property

Showcasing your properties to prospective clients is an essential part of the buying process.

However clients often lack the necessary time or have busy schedules to make an in-person viewing.

360-degree video brochures enable you to show the inside and outside of domestic and commercial properties in an immersive way.

Now you can easily show prospects an in-depth view of an entire house, room by room and without them visiting the property.

Interior Design

360-degree video brochures are the perfect marketing medium for giving your audience a digitized tour of your interior design showroom.

This allows your target audience to choose their preferred specific interior design themes prior to an initial consultation so that they already come to you with a clear idea of what they have in mind.


Showing your construction sites to your target audience can be a dangerous/hazardous activity, however, with 360° video content, you can easily show the exact layout and area of your sites without anyone ever needing to visit the property.


Touch Screen technology combined with 360° video content allows you to share three-dimensional kitchen designs and models with your target audience.

Your target audience can physically view and explore every angle, detail and aspect of the 3D kitchens.


360 degree content makes sharing your entire car showroom to prospective customers simple and immersive, all within the time of a short video.

Additionally, you can use 360 degree video brochures to create customised interior experiences for the inner and outer portions of a car.

Video Brochure Reviews

Vidioh provided a very professional…

Vidioh provided a very professional service, with excellent communication throughout the process from ordering to delivery.
- Quinn London

The service I received from Vidioh…

The service I received from Vidioh every step of the way has been exemplary. I would recommend this service to everyone, and it was very much worth the price.
- Morgan

5 stars are not enough...

Great professionals, experienced and with a huge will to help in any easy or hard task. Their reliability is amazing and the project was delivered exactly as wanted with not even the slightest mistake. Everything was always double checked and the risk of failure was set to zero. I highly recommend to work with Vidioh in the future.
- Georgios
Video Brochure Cards
5.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

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