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At Vidioh we’re always happy to help. So, here’s a list of some of our most frequently asked – and answered – questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us and we’ll gladly assist you.

I’m new to video brochures

I’m new to video brochures, what is the process?
Simply visit our customer journey post to learn about the video brochure process.

Do I have to produce my own artwork and video content?
The options are flexible, you can choose to send us your video content and produce your own artwork using our cutter guides, or alternatively we have full video production facilities to create video content for you, and Vidioh’s in-house studio are able to assist with your design and artwork requirements. Costs are available upon request.


How do I charge a video brochure?
Each video brochure can be connected to your computer and charged via a mini-usb cable which is provided with each unit free of charge.

What’s the full battery life length?
The standard battery life is 2 hours which can be upgraded to a maximum of 4 hours at an additional cost if required. The battery will need to be recharged after 6-8 weeks to ensure it is fully charged prior to despatch.

What type of batteries are used?
Lithium Ion.

Can I replace the batteries?
The batteries can’t be replaced, unfortunately. However, each battery can be recharged for future use.


Do I need to artwork the buttons and where can I put them?
Yes, you will need to artwork your buttons with either text or symbols. Buttons can generally be placed anywhere as long as they follow the three golden rules of buttons:

  • The centre of the buttons must be at least 20mm apart from one another.
  • The centre of the buttons must be at least 20mm away from the screen.
  • The centre of the buttons must be at least 20mm away from the edges of the card.

Further information on designing your artwork can be found on our artwork technical specification sheet.

Screen & Card Sizes

What screen sizes do you offer?
Vidioh offer a range of screen sizes including:
3.0” 4.0″, 4.75”, 5.0″, 7.0″, 10.0” – HD LCD.

Do you offer an all angle viewing screen?
We are able to offer a high definition all angle viewing screen that ensures the video brochure can be clearly seen from multiple angles by reducing screen glare. All products have or can be upgraded to an all angle viewing screen.

What card sizes are available?
Depending upon the screen size, card sizes range from 123 x 60mm up to A4. Apart from our Express Books, all of our video brochures are bespoke, so you can choose whatever size you would like.

Can I have my brochure as either landscape or portrait?
Absolutely! Just call us to discuss your requirements.

What are Just The Screens?
Just The Screens are wrapped, unprinted screens sold at a reduced unit cost, enabling printers to produce bespoke video brochures for their clients directly.

Printing & Bespoke Finishes

How are your video brochures printed?
Our bespoke video brochures are lithographically printed, four-colour CMYK. You can also choose between soft touch, anti-scratch or gloss  lamination, which are included in the price. Our Express Books are digitally printed CMYK.

Can Pantone colours be used in our artwork?
Yes, you can include Pantone colours on a quantity of 25 or more units when produced in the Far East, and these are charged at cost price. We would actively encourage that these are used, especially if you are following corporate guidelines.

Vidioh Express Books are digitally printed and therefore Pantone colours are not available.

What is double-sided print?
Each softback brochure is printed on one piece of card and then wrapped upon itself to form the final product. There’s a white margin where the inner left page meets the screen page. When the card artwork is a solid colour, it’s possible for an extra cost to have “double-sided print” which will enable you to choose any colour for the white margin.

What specialist finishes can you have?
We offer a range of specialist finishes including: foil blocking, spot UV, soft touch and anti-scuff at a small extra cost.


Environmental Policy

Do you have an environmental policy?
Vidioh understand how important it is to recycle electronic equipment at the end of its useful life in order to be consciously considering how to reduce the impact we make on the planet. You can read more about this in our environmental policy


Privacy Policy

What is your Privacy Policy?
Vidioh Limited is committed to protecting your privacy. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.



How many buttons can I have?
For card sizes larger than 133mm x 95mm, we offer up to six buttons which is included within the price. If you need more buttons we can provide a bespoke card with an additional cost per button.

What button types can I have with my video brochure?
Example button types include: Play/Pause, Volume Up (v+), Volume Down (v-), Skip Forward, Skip Back and ON/OFF. If you have something in particular that you would like, please feel free to ask and we’ll look into it for you.

We always recommend one Play/Pause button per video, plus Volume Up and Volume Down buttons.

How many videos can I have?
Depending upon the screen size you can have as many as six videos, as long as they fit within your selected memory.

What content can I upload onto my video brochure?
Content can be provided as a video file, Powerpoint presentation or slideshow. If you are planning to upload a presentation or slideshow this will need to be exported in the correct format, and we can help you with this if required. Please download our video formatting and uploading guide for more information on video file formats.

Can I load JPEG images?
Yes you can upload a series of images if you wish. Simply prefix your jpeg images in the order you would like them to appear in the slideshow.

What’s the maximum memory size I can have?
You can upgrade your memory to as much as 4GB on all screen sizes except the 3.0” video cards. The memory required will be determined by the file size of your video(s).

I have a three minute video. What memory do I need?
The quality of videos varies greatly and this will influence the video file size. We cannot determine how much memory you will need until we’ve received and tested your video. If you’re looking to reduce the file size we recommend configuring the bitrate and compressing the video. But don’t worry – we can help you make sense of that, too.

Generally speaking, the standard memory is usually plenty of space for several videos.

Video Upload / Reuse

Can I upload the videos myself?
Yes videos can easily be uploaded:

  1. Connect the video brochure to your PC/Mac via the mini-usb cable and locate the “Video” folder.
  2. If there are videos already on the brochure and you want to replace them with new ones, delete all the unwanted files (if you’re using a Mac you will need to empty them from your trash).
  3. Upload your new videos and rename them in numerical order (01, 02, etc..). The numbers will dictate which button each video will correlate with (i.e. 01 is button 1, 02 is button 2) and the order the videos are played in.

Can the videos be locked?
Yes, videos can be locked at time of manufacture. This is not the standard set up and it will need to be decided prior to production. Please note that once your content has been locked this can never be changed.

How does it work?

How are my videos played?

Softback video brochure: Upon opening the video brochure, a pin located on the right inside will be released and the video will automatically load and start playing.

Hardback video book: Upon opening, two hidden magnets are released and the video will automatically load and start playing.

Optional Extras

Do you supply a box for the video card to go in?
We’re able to supply a bespoke sized outer presentation box for your video card at an additional cost. This box can house your video brochure and the mini USB cable to form a very neat package to give out.

What optional extras are there?
We offer a range of different optional extras, including an Internal Pocket and Headphone Socket with Earbuds. Please let us know if you would be interested in any additional features and we will supply costs for these to you.


What are the production/turnaround times?
Production times vary depending on the quantity ordered and whether you would like any optional extras. As a general guide please allow 2-3 weeks for production and delivery depending on order quantity. We will provide you with an exact timeline once you have confirmed your order.

If you require a fast turnaround, we recommend our Express Books as they can usually be produced within a week depending on the quantity required.

Please let us know if you have a delivery deadline date, as we will try our best to meet it.

How should I send my artwork and production files?
We ask that you send us all files via the free service “WeTransfer,” and your artwork as a high-resolution PDF along with all AI files, fonts and images used, and video content in MP4 format, 1920 x 1080.

Is there a minimum quantity order?
Yes, it’s 25 for our factory in China and for our UK Express Book Service, the quantity range permitted is 1-50.

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