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How To Create The Perfect Video Business Card Featured Image

How To Create The Perfect Video Business Card [Guide]

Other forms of print media may come and go but even widespread digitisation of business, commerce and communication can’t fully shake the humble business card out of our pockets and...
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5 ways to integrate video and print with direct mail

5 Ways to Combine Video and Print with Direct Mail

Despite the heavy digitisation of marketing and advertising, direct mail is personal, targeted and with its proven historical effectiveness, it has the sticking power of familiarity. In the marketing mix,...
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9 Psychology Hacks for Creating More Engaging Video Content

Video marketing is all the rage but crafting compelling and engaging videos is a task that defeats many marketers, and since video campaigns are often costly and time-consuming, there’s an...
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Optimal Video Length Featured Image

What Is The Optimal Video Length?

Despite our position at the top of the planetary food chain, a 2015 study from Microsoft showed that the human attention span is actually shorter than that of a goldfish....
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How To Make High Quality Videos On A Shoestring Budget

Video has become an intrinsic component of the internet’s enormous content mass. The content creation landscape has shifted to accommodate this relatively new form of media with an estimated 74%...
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Video Content Marketing Types Feature Image

The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing Content Types

In the era of modern content marketing, video has become a cornerstone for brands and businesses looking to increase their reach, awareness, leads and ultimately sales. It’s no wonder that...
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Graphic Print Design Example

The Comprehensive Guide: Print Graphic Design Inspiration

From the simplicity of Google’s multicolour lettering to McDonald’s famous golden arches and Coca-Cola’s classic typography, visual branding has become synonymous with human culture. Whilst graphic and print design are...
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An infographic image that has a megaphone, a landing page with content on it and a smart phone with a speech bubble.

12 Inspiring Video Marketing Campaigns

Video marketing first appeared on our television sets in the late 1940s and has become a key component of our media culture. It’s likely that most people can recall a...
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Brown box with a mail envelope on the top of it. This is meant to represent direct mail marketing

Four Ways To Spice Up Your Direct Mail Marketing in 2018

Direct mail dates back to the earliest days of sales and marketing. While some business owners might think of direct mail as a seemingly old-fashioned marketing strategy, in truth, it’s...
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The Top 10 Direct Marketing Examples and Why They Were So Successful

Some of the most successful direct marketing campaigns have been crazy, innovative and sometimes even ground-breaking. Today, we’re looking at what made these campaigns so successful and the thought processes...
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