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Video Brochure Prices

What is the cost?

We’d love to be able to give you a simple answer to that question. It’s one we get asked a lot. The price of your brochure is influenced by a number of factors, most importantly the screen size and the number of units you order.

As you might expect, our smaller 2.4” screens are the cheapest and the larger 10.0” are the most expensive, but costs are also dependent on the quantity ordered.

Many of our customers might know exactly what they need or perhaps you just want to know what 500 video brochures might cost for our 4.0”, 5.0” and 7.0” options. Either way, that’s great – we can provide you with a range of prices for different options. We know every order is unique, simply tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll find you the best possible price.

Even though we can’t give specific prices here, we do understand it can be helpful to have a guide, so we have provided this below:

  • For an order of 500 units with a larger screen the unit cost is going to be between £16 – £25.
  • For low volume Express Book orders, it’ll be somewhere between £55 – £65.
  • A unique one-off item has a price tag of around £175, but will be amazing.

There are other variables that can also affect the price, and these are as follows:


The majority of our video brochures come with 256MB as standard, which is around 12 minutes of video running on a 7.0” screen, depending on the video’s format. It is possible to add more memory – up to 4GB – if you need to include a feature film.


Our standard size rechargeable battery allows for a continuous run time of around two hours. Of course, this again depends on the screen size but it’s a good guide. There is an option to increase the battery capacity, so please talk to us about this if it sounds like something you might need. It might be useful if your video brochure is going to be used in a waiting room, for example, or as part of an in-store POS display.

Screen type

The majority of our video brochures are now produced using High Definition All Angle Viewing Screens (AAVS). These are the highest Grade A quality screens in the marketplace, giving a greater screen quality with a more acute viewing angle.

Print finishes

We offer a range of different print finishes on most of our video cards, books and brochures. These include spot UV, foil blocking, inner spine printing, soft touch laminates and die cutting to create a different shaped cover. If you are interested in any special finishes please let us know, as we know it’s this kind of attention to detail that can really add extra oomph and wow factor.


For our hardback 7.0” Express Books, we can also include personalisation to the print, both inside and outside – This could be a name, company name or a specific URL.

other options

As we can make your video brochures bespoke to your specific requirements, there are so many other options you might want to include, and any of them could affect price. So, it’s always best to talk to us.

Maybe you want a branded box, or a document pocket in the inside cover? Perhaps you’d like to include a brochure, or have a headphone socket installed with ear-buds? It could be you want 10 videos and no external speaker? The sky is pretty much the limit and we’ll do whatever we can to give you what you want. Many of these options can be seen in our gallery, so please let us know your requirements and we will guide you through the potential pricing.

Large quantity pricing

All of our video brochures and cards are made to order and the process to produce 10 or 10,000 is pretty much the same; they are handmade and the print is hand wrapped before the video is loaded and quality-tested, then given a final physical inspection prior to shipping.

As there is no machine automation, you will not see a massive reduction in the unit cost for very large quantities. The price will reduce if more units are ordered, but this will never be as low as £5, even on 100,000 units!

Quality product & service

Could we cut the costs of manufacturing our video brochures? Probably. Would you notice the drop in quality? Absolutely.

With us it’s quality first every time – from the product to the service, and we will never compromise on quality. We have rigorous testing and quality control processes that ensure we maintain a market-leading reliability for all our products, and we only use high quality, all new components, and never anything second hand.

If you’re not delighted, we’re not delighted. And you can’t put a price on that, in our opinion.

However, we don’t like to be beaten on price, so we work tirelessly to price our video brochures as competitively as we can.

Even more value

Video is the most dynamic and captivating way to communicate with people, so our video brochures are designed to stay dynamic too.

All our HD screen video brochures allow you to change the video content easily. We supply a USB charging cable with each unit ordered, and all you need to do is plug your video brochure into your PC or Mac and upload a new video.

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