Vidioh Express Books


Vidioh Express books are printed to order in the UK.

Our Vidioh Express Service is ideal when you require a fast turnaround for a job you need in a hurry, as we can produce up to 20 books in 7 working days + delivery.

In addition, each book can be personalised to suit your needs, by adding the recipient’s name, personal message or unique URL.


  • Vidioh Express Books are a great leave behind piece for your clients where you can summarise your points, leave a physical representation of yourself or your company, and make sure that you remain firmly in their minds long after you have left.
  • Vidioh Express Books make excellent targeted invitations by presenting a high quality video message contained in a high quality hardback finish, ensuring that you stand out and get noticed, whilst providing a prestigious package to your audience.
  • Vidioh Express Books are an impactful way of communicating a message, be it personal or to a client. The personalisation options combined with your artwork and video, means that you are delivering a complete visual, audio and physical message in one tidy book.


Vidioh Express Books come with a hard cover finish and four colour printing in the following size:

    • 7.0″ HD/IPS All Angle Viewing Screen set in a 215 x 180mm Landscape Hardback Cover

Vidioh Express 7.0″ Screen


The books have 512mb memory, a 2 hour battery and the option of loading 1, 2 or 3 videos.

Vidioh Express Books are a powerful marketing tool that work as an excellent business to business direct mail solution and are a powerful way of delivering your message resulting in an increased direct mail response rate.