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Driving your Business Forward with Video Brochures

Digital marketing is important, there is no questioning that. Email, video, mobile, apps and online marketing are key. However, direct marketing is still as effective as ever and returns excellent results when done correctly and when combined with your existing marketing strategy.

The importance of direct mail

The data that digital marketing can gather can be heavily utilised to put more coal on the blazing fire that is traditional print marketing. Traditional direct marketing is still an effective way to reach customers and though it may be neglected slightly with the new digital age, it wouldn’t be a wise move to exclude it from your marketing communication mix entirely.

Direct mail is perfect for reaching targeted customers and end users. The digital aspect offers immense opportunities for capturing data and whittling that data down to make it more targeted and specific. Then comes the challenge of reaching this targeted data in an innovative, informative, exciting and engaging way. Enter direct mail!


Combining innovative direct mail and digital marketing – A winning combination!

Digital Lighthouse wanted a unique way to cut through the noise and introduce itself, its digital marketing solutions and invite people to a free strategy session. They worked with Vidioh to produce a striking A4 landscape video brochure with a 7.0″ HD screen. Their videos introduced the end users to Jonathan Jay, the Chairman of Digital Lighthouse who gives an engaging, insightful and highly informative presentation that simply and clearly outlines the challenges faced in the digital space, and how they can help you to effectively overcome these and bring your business to the next level.


Excellent results, time and time again!

Since our first project with Digital Lighthouse, we have worked together on numerous projects, including a new order currently being produced!

We are delighted to hear that us working together is bringing such brilliant results and a consistent success rate for Digital Lighthouse.

The multiple projects we have produced and continue to produce with them demonstrates the versatility of video brochures and the strong impact direct mail delivers as part of a complete marketing communication package.


Take your marketing to the next level

If you would like to find out more about video brochures and how they can enhance your business, please feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to help.