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Video Brochures for the Real Estate Industry

Real estate is big business, and with hundreds of estate agents around the country, competition is fierce. There are many things that can be emphasised to separate your agency from your competitors. Trust, transparency and reliability are incredibly important given that property is a very personal thing. Be it someone’s first house, or even an office for a new business, it is so much more than just a building. Estate agents recognise this, and are very good at relating to the connections we have with property. After all, they wouldn’t be in the business if they weren’t!

Estate agents play a key part in helping people to reach their goals and in some cases, realise their dreams. This is something that not many industries can claim, making the real estate business an important part of people’s lives. So how do you let people know that you are right for them?

Getting Ahead…

The industry is competitive, and getting ahead in a saturated market takes an innovative approach. Emails and online marketing are effective, but we are all guilty of receiving a promotional email and disregarding it due to the sheer number that land in our inbox. Quite often in the digital space, you are up against hundreds of others and it’s no longer a matter of who shouts loudest!

Vidioh have worked with many estate agents, producing video brochures for them to market their latest development or simply to share their company values. Since we received the first enquiry from the first estate agent, we have been thinking about just how perfect video brochures are for the industry, and how they can really benefit estate agents looking to do that bit extra to stand out above the rest.

Video Brochures in the Real Estate Industry

You may have stumbled across video brochures whilst searching for new marketing tools, or you came here specifically to find out more and are wondering how they can be used. Below are just a few ways you can use video brochures to bring your marketing to the next level and get your imagination whirring!

  • Use video brochures as a direct marketing tool to approach potential properties to avail of your services.
  • Use video brochures to raise awareness of your agency, your values and your goals.
  • Video brochures are a great tool for presenting house tours or as take away pieces for house viewings, letting those who visit take the experience home with them.
  • Marketing a new development? Video brochures are versatile, and you can include an inside pocket to present additional material for your end user, giving them the total communication and information package.
  • Direct mail is an effective method of communication and it creates a more personal connection with the recipient in an era where digital content is being fired at us left, right and centre! When working with new clientele, presenting them with video brochures allows them to get to know your agency better. Video brochures are unique, intriguing, and command the end users attention.

There are many ways in which video brochures can be used in the real
estate industry to boost your visibility and connection with clientele. Video brochures are different, and will allow you to stand out amidst the noise of digital communication, delivering a powerful video message in a branded, informative casing, that will ensure that you connect with the end user.

Feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to talk through the different options with you and help you get your video brochure campaign underway!