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Using Video brochures to Revamp your Marketing Communications

Marketing moves fast. It doesn’t wait for anyone and if you fail to keep up, you’ll find that your business suffers. It’s a harsh reality, certainly.

Digital and online marketing has dominated the marketing space for years now, and it looks set to continue that way. It is vital that a business optimise their presence online and utilise the tools available to get ahead of their competitors.

Another big trend this year is account-based marketing. Getting more specific and targeted is the general feel. Data is king. But using that data isn’t always as straight forward as you think.

Personalisation counts for an awful lot. Something mentioned frequently on this blog is the fact that we have become oversaturated with advertisements and companies trying to gain our attention and custom.

Throwing it out there and hoping that it sticks isn’t enough anymore, and consumers expect more when they are being contacted.

Time to revamp.

We are half way into 2017 now and so it’s a good time to stop, stand back, and assess our marketing efforts. What has worked and what hasn’t? How do we improve on the things that need fixing?

Stepping outside of the box and thinking a bit differently will unlock many doors that will lead to increased response rates, higher engagement and much better ROI. Now, more than ever, is the time to use video brochures for your business. If you want to tell your customers a story, there’s simply no better way to do so than with video brochures.

Years go, dropping your video into the hands of your prospects and clients was inconceivable. Now, though, it’s a must. Cutting through the noise is one of the hardest things to achieve but video brochures make it a breeze (pardon the rhyme). Unique by nature, they will capture the attention of the recipients and engage them with your message, product and brand.

The perfect tool.

We’ve worked with many companies across a wide range of industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, technology, media, agencies, healthcare, education, lifestyle, aviation, construction and so on. Video brochures really can be utilised in any industry.

Their impact is universal

So if you’re interested in learning more, feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to help.