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A brand new screen – the 3.0″ HD/IPS All Angle Viewing Screen

We’ve got a new member of the family – the brand new 3.0″ HD/IPS All Angle Viewing screen. IPS is basically the fancy way of saying that the viewing angles and quality of this screen are exceptional.

Filling a gap in the market, the 3.0″ HD/IPS screen offers an ultra high quality screen in a smaller package – 145 x 90mm to be exact – and it offers a smaller and cheaper entry to the HD/IPS screen range.

So why do we feel it necessary to have a 3.0″ HD/IPS screen if we already have a 2.4″ screen? Great question! Well, the 2.4″ screen is digital. While these video business cards are fantastic and offer a really impactful piece, screen technology is moving quite quickly and so we wanted to supply a screen that still offers that compact and memorable punch that our clients love, but with the added benefit of a high definition, all angle, 720 x 480 screen .

The 3.0″ HD/IPS screen will also have the option of up to 3 buttons. The standard card size will be 145 x 90mm, though you are welcome to have a larger size which will allow you to have more buttons if you prefer.

Head over to our product page to see the breakdown of our screen sizes and specifications, and as always, feel free to get in touch with any queries you may have and we’d be happy to help.