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Video Brochures for Home, Construction and Development Companies

One of the largest industries in the UK is home, construction and development. In 2014 it was worth a whopping £14 billion and was one of the first markets to recover and return to growth after the almighty recession of 2008. As a more traditional industry, you could be forgiven for thinking that they work solely with traditional marketing and communications techniques. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We’ve worked with multiple companies in this industry including Reynaers, Clancy Docwra, Mandale Homes and Birchwood Price Tools. They used video brochures to communicate their company values, projects and to demonstrate their products. Their videos combined with their complimenting artwork did an excellent job of capturing interest and showcasing their services and products. Video brochures are still relatively new when compared to more traditional methods and so the inclination to search out a unique method, says a lot about these forward thinking companies.

Each and every one of the video brochure designs is eye catching and fits perfectly to the brand and the industry.

Video brochures really can be used in any industry and for a variety of purposes. Regardless of the message, it will always be delivered into curious hands, which, in turn, creates an interest and captures attention.

To refer to the home, building, construction and development industries is to cast a very wide net. Within each, there are specialist areas, and within those, even more. Their target audiences are even more widespread, casting the net even further. Reaching these audiences can be tricky, especially considering the sheer amount of other communications they are exposed to every day. With video being the most effective form of advertising, it is a must. However, where you choose to host that video will determine how many people see it and, importantly, engage with it. To get your videos into the hands of your audience, you need to cut through the noise. Direct mail lets you do just this. Combining direct mail with video puts your message directly in the hands of your audience; cutting through the noise and grabbing their attention.

The home, construction and development industry is vast yet specialised. Communicating your message in a precise and targeted way is key. Video brochures can help you do this.

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