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3 Awesome Promotional Product Videos

As content marketing becomes increasingly saturated, it’s vitally essential that you master the art of communicating succinctly with your audience in untapped, less competitive marketing mediums such as augmented reality, voice search and video content.

As Brian Halligan said, “To be successful and grow your business and revenues, you must match the way you market your products with the way your prospects learn about and shop for your products.”

A product video is no different, you must use historical customer research, analytics and insight to further streamline your message.

What is a product video?

A product video explains and visually demonstrates a product’s benefits.

Although product videos tend to emphasize unique product benefits, a way to differentiate is by exhibiting how your video solves problems.

What makes a good product video?

Making a successful product video requires you to create something that highlights more than just product features.

You need to create an emotional, relatable experience that focuses on the problem, solution and larger vision of what you’re looking to build.

As a guide a high-quality product video encompasses the following:

  • An interesting dialogue and narrative.
  • A sufficient length to fully cover the product and any benefits whilst being short enough to retain the viewer’s attention.
  • It needs to be simple, as Einstein once said “as simple as possible, but not simpler”.
  • Your video needs to be relatable and emotionally engaging.

Would you like to see how you can put these elements into practice? View the following videos and discover what makes a good promotional product video.

Introducing Google Trips

Ashley’s trip is immediately filled with problems as with no Wi-Fi and no data, how is she meant to locate her hotel?

Google then introduces their product ‘Google Trips’, a travel planning product combined with offline functionality. The application showcases a range of benefits such as:

  • Being able to easily find her hotel.
  • The power of personalisation, as Google provides great recommendations for her to explore and try out.
  • Automatic route planning with estimated travel times.

What makes this video so effective?

The seamless transitions between Ashley and the application highlight not only the video content’s relatability but also how using Google Trips can help solve real-world problems.

Throughout the video Google leads with the problem then introduces their product as the solution, this logical narrative further solidifies why and how users should incorporate Google Trips into their holiday routine.

Top 10 Gift Box | Paper Boxes | DIY Activities

Ventuno Art’s Youtube channel provides a range of innovative ways to shape and create promotional gift boxes.

The video is shot from a bird’s eye view and is accompanied by modern music. 10 paper boxes are created during the video in a step by step fashion with a pair of model hands.

What makes this video so effective?

Despite being a relatively long video at 10:57 mins, the user is presented with detailed instructions and visual tutorials for creating beautiful, handmade boxes.

Breaking down the box creation process into digestible chunks also helps explain that even complex tasks such as assembling origami gift boxes are conquerable.

Milkman Agency Promo Video

An award-winning creative agency called Milkman Agency in Melbourne Australia produced an elaborate and unusual promotional video.

From cocktails of milk to a busy agency environment, this video’s disparate and confusing nature plays on our inner curiosity and encourages us to pay attention due to its twisted plotline.

Switching from scenes of cows to team members drinking portions of milk certainly deserves some attention doesn’t it?

What makes this video so effective?

The video’s story is incredibly captivating and doesn’t require a script/narrative to convey the agencies’ brand values.

Their choice of contrasting visual scenes not only helps to captivate and cultivate attention but also highlights their uniqueness.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Clubs first product video was tremendously fruitful. What’s core to the video’s success is by how well the company knows their audience and the problem that they’re attempting to solve.

In an attempt to enter the market of young, professional men who had regularly bought branded razors from offline stores. They were keen to highlight the incredibly high cost of in-store bought razor cartridges.

What makes this video so effective?

Mike the CEO of swiftly informs what the company does within the first 7 seconds!

Dollar Shave Club emphasizes their razor quality, by combining a strong use of language with a powerful tone of voice.

The audio content ensures that it remains impactful without requiring fancy transitions or an excessive amount of post-production editing.

Additionally, product features are presented alongside humorous narrative and comical visuals, helping to embed the product subtlety within the prospect’s mind.

8 beneficial motivators to increase video content engagement

High impact motivators can help you shape the behaviour of your consumers. Use one or several of these motivators to make your next product video more impactful and engaging.

I am motivated and inspired to: Use this motivator within your video content by helping customers:
Be unique and stand out from a crowd. Project a unique social identity with your unique values, team or service offerings.
To think positively about the future. Perceive the future as better than the past.
Enjoy the feeling of well-being. Make it feel that life is closely aligned with their expectations and that a sense of balance has been achieved.
Having a feeling of freedom. To act upon their own out of free will.
Feel a sense of excitement. Experience abundant pleasure and thrill through interactive and engaging experiences.
A feeling of security. Believe that what they possess today, they will have tomorrow. To feel encouraged to chase dreams without worry or fear.
Be successful in life. Feel that their life has inherent worth and meaning.
To feel a sense of completeness and unity. Have an affiliation with people that they aspire to be or relate to.

What are the top 5 things to avoid when making a promotional video?

  • Trying to accomplish too much or say too much in one video
  • A Poor Script
  • Lack of focus on the customer and their pain points
  • Forgetting to add a call to action
  • No purpose