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What Are Video Brochures?

Video brochures are an effective and exciting video-in-print solution for marketing and advertising.
From awareness and fundraising to recruitment, exposure and education, video brochures are an invaluable component of the modern marketing mix.

Vidioh have worked with many companies in impactful video brochure campaigns helping them facilitate a wide range of goals that range from increasing sales and ROI to gaining leads and exposure.
Video brochures produce awesome results and that’s why major corporations like Symantec and Hitachi have worked with us on successful campaigns. Video brochures aren’t just for big businesses, though. Video brochures are more affordable than ever and many smaller and medium sized businesses have now taken advantage of this fantastic new media form to bring their business to the next level.

What is a Video Brochure?

Simply put, a video brochure is a brochure that comes in a range of sizes fitted with a slimline LCD screen complete with speaker. The video brochure will automatically play video content upon opening and activated via a magnetic switch.

Video brochures are a new, compact exciting form of marketing media. They combine video with print for an effective and tactile combination of marketing mediums. Video brochures are stronger than the sum of their parts and they’re suitable for a wide range of uses.

What are the benefits of a Video Brochure?

  • Video Brochure Content is Reloadable: Video brochures provide a lot of mileage given that they’re easily reloaded with new or extra videos. Simply connect the brochure to a computer, find the video brochure as a storage device (Windows or Mac) and load up your new files.
  • Video Brochures are rechargeable: Video brochure batteries can be recharged with a micro-USB connection.
  • They Work Wirelessly and Offline: There’s no need for a video brochure to be connected to the internet. They work 100% offline.
  • They Can be Built to Different Specifications: From compact business cards to full-blown brochures, video brochures can be built to different sizes and specification.
  • They Can be Built From Different Materials: From soft-touch paper to extra-durable card, video brochures can be built from different materials to give them a luxury touch or added durability.
  • They Can Have HD Screens: Video brochures are small but their screens are comparable to those of mobile devices, providing deep colours, sharp pictures and wide viewing angles even in high sunlight.
  • Maximum File Size is XYZ: We’re not talking about 1 or 2-minute videos here, video brochures can be loaded with a full XYZ of content.
  • You could upload several lectures, an extensive tour or guide of a business or product or similar long-format video.
  • They Can Come with Headphone Jacks: For private viewing, video brochures can be equipped with headphone jacks.

Video brochures are adaptable and flexible, powerful and effective for many forms of marketing and advertising. With a range of options for customisation, video brochures can be tailored to exact business requirements and goals placing the power of this exciting media form in your hands.

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