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Harnessing the power of stories, with Vidioh Video Brochures

About Aesop Brands

Aesop Brands are a creative agency powered by narrative thinking. Harnessing the power of stories, as the name suggests, Aesop give its clients a sense of identity and purpose to affect a change in customer behaviour.

A unique, simple and refreshing approach: Aesop Brands tackle marketing problems by applying a narrative.

By treating brands like stories, and campaigns as chapters, the unfolding narrative approach Aesop favours is intended to produce richer core briefs that inspire its specialists in strategy, design, communications and activation.

Working with brands such as Warner Leisure, the NHS and HBO, where they designed the box-set for the complete seasons 1-5 of Game of Thrones, Aesop tells stories through brand identities, advertising campaigns, pack designs, engagement programmes, digital experiences, books, films and online content that works effectively in isolation, and outstandingly together.


The story of Vidioh and Aesop Brands

Aesop Brands’ introduction to Vidioh came about when they were looking for a unique way to tell its story to decision makers within the alcohol sector, and communicate its offer and experience in a fun, engaging way.

Aesop Brands decided to work with us as we offer a premium product, at a competitive price and with a short, reasonable turnaround time. We were delighted to be working with the Aesop Brands team and eager to see their artwork and video content given their captivating approach to tackling marketing problems.

They certainly didn’t disappoint.

Aesop Brands opted for split artworks. One was more general, showcasing the company and its approach to marketing. The other was targeted at the alcohol sector; the video opened with the intriguing statement of “A taste of where narrative thinking can take your brand.”

Have a look at their videos here.

Both artworks boast strong, bold colour schemes that capture your attention, and curiosity immediately, and the 7.0” HD screens enclosed in the hardback book delivered fantastic examples of a premium video brochure.

Once production had been finalised, it was time for Aesop Brands to put its video brochures out there. They were sent out in branded envelopes that cut through the noise of their competitors, allowing Aesop Brands to stand out and start to build new relationships.

Working with Aesop Brands was a great experience. The video brochures were fantastic and the story-telling approach is captivating and assured.

We really enjoyed working with you and look forward to continuing our working relationship producing many more orders for you in the future.