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Maximise your ABM Strategy

ABM and video brochures – a powerful combination

Account based marketing (ABM) is big news in the world of marketing, and is going to be an even bigger player this year.

ABM works by making your marketing more focused – adding personalisation and better targeting to everything you do. Having the right ABM strategy is important, but you need to follow it up by making sure every piece of marketing collateral you send out is attention-grabbing, relevant, and has that all-important personal touch.

Video brochures are just the solution you’re looking for.

Combining two of the most effective communication methods

By this, we of course mean video and direct mail. Video is the buzzword of the past five years and for good reason. It works. You can sell your brand, communicate your message and set the tone in less than 30 seconds in a well-made video.

You’ve made your video, but where do you host it? YouTube? Facebook? Twitter? You can, but unfortunately there are hundreds of thousands of other businesses doing the same thing and the audience simply doesn’t have the time to watch everything.

Once upon a time, seeing a video in a news feed was exciting and different. Now it’s expected. If the video doesn’t grab your attention, then it isn’t getting views, and without views, you cannot expect conversions.

When watched, though, a video is the most powerful way to deliver a message.

Direct mail is the other method. Everything is now digitised. Digitisation has its benefits but there is also a downside. The constant barrage of advertisements and emails we receive has made them impersonal and generalised. Direct mail opens the door for a more personal communication that the recipient feels has been created and sent, specifically for them. There’s an element of care and additional effort that goes into direct mail that makes it feel special. Looking for inspiration? View our top 10 direct mail examples and learn how to create a successful mail campaign.

So, combining the incredible power of video and the impact and effectiveness of direct mail, video brochures are the solution to the problem of: how do I deliver a clear, concise, attention-grabbing, informative and special message to my clients and prospects?

With more and more marketing professionals looking for great tools that will bring their ABM plans to life, and help them deliver that all-important relevant message in a stand-out personalised way, video brochures will really enhance your marketing efforts.