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Just the thing…..Just the Screens!

Vidioh work with printing companies in the UK, US, and Canada to provide an exciting, attention-grabbing technology solution for them to add to their portfolios.

We understand that you have the expertise to bring creative projects to life, and that you need to grow your business in innovative new ways. That’s why we’ve decided to offer you Just the Screens. That’s right, the video card screens, by themselves, so you can be as creative as you like.

Just the Screens incorporate memory, battery and buttons (up to six, depending on size) and are presented as wrapped, unprinted units, and house our 4.3”, 4.0″ HD 5.0” HD, 7.0” HD and 10.0” screens.

We can ship to the UK and internationally.

Why Just the Screens?

Vidioh technology is very versatile and with the right amount of skill, creativity and imagination, can be built into just about anything. As a printer, you have your unique strengths and style. Whether that be a trademark product or a finite precision, you will have a unique selling point, and loyal customers.

Video is the biggest and most important communication tool today and it is only expected to rise in popularity and importance. While traditional print is crucial to businesses, there is always room to innovate, experiment and create something new and exciting. Tactile pieces are a great example of this creative and forward-thinking approach, but video is the dominant force in marketing today.

Combine your strengths

Take your most creative ideas and add a new layer. Combine the most effective communication channel with your printing expertise and provide your clients with a marketing tool that will grab attention, and increase response rates.

Any questions, just ask and we’d be happy to help

If at any stage you have some questions, please do feel free to get in touch. Vidioh offer a rolling support service that starts in the planning stage of your project, all the way through the project, and long afterwards. The customer experience is the important thing to us, and is key.