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Marketing is Evolving

We all know about the technically advanced, sophisticated and clever online marketing tools available to us. The use of PPC and SEO is important. Re-targeting is too. Companies need entire divisions and personnel dedicated to each part to ensure they run smoothly. These are all fantastic tools for marketing and serve a great purpose and every business that is up and running employs some of, if not all of them.

However, with that being said, there is something very appealing about simplicity. Most modern web design works to this idea; simple is much more convincing, interesting and engaging.

Next level marketing

If we take a step back and think about what it is that we are trying to do when we market, which is, quite simply, communicate. This could be communicating what you sell, your services or your business in general, though ultimately, it is some kind of communication. Communication can take many forms and depend on who you want to target, your method of communicating can vary greatly.

Mass communication channels such as television and radio advertisements are effective in reaching lots of people. The issue is just how many people are paying full attention? The modern viewer is most often engaged in many forms of media at once.

Attention spans are waning and as humans, we find it difficult to focus on one thing for too long before moving on to the next. Capturing and holding attention is one of the biggest challenges faced by advertisers and marketers. It’s not just waning attention spans either, it’s the thousands of people vying for our attention that makes it so hard for us to focus on one thing, and as a result, messages don’t register with us quite like they used to.

The need for progression

Everything needs to evolve in life in order to stay relevant. Those that do not evolve will unfortunately become obsolete and crumble under the constant change that we are all faced with. Marketing is no different, and this includes the various different sections of the general marketing umbrella. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and developing and so it’s key to stay up to date with this. Direct marketing so, is no different.

Where can it go?

When we think of traditional direct mail, we think of letters, pamphlets and flyers. There are plenty of examples of tactile pieces that have pushed the boundaries but something that has been discussed many times on this blog is the growth and importance of video.

It cannot be ignored. And while some may think that in order to concentrate their efforts effectively they need to shift their focus towards video and so away from other more traditional approaches, this isn’t an entirely wise move.

Video brochures combine the power of video, with the precision and impact of direct mail. The result is an all round communication package. Audio, visual and physical, all wrapped up in one, high impact, unforgettable, attention-grabbing brochure. Direct mail certainly has evolved, but to an extent, so too has video. Video is no longer confined to a monitor. Video can now be delivered right into people’s hands with no distractions; the entire focus on your video – your message.