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Marketing Solutions for the Booming Tech Industry

When we think of the tech industry we think of Silicon Valley in California. Lots of tech companies have sprung up in this area and most of these companies have offices in Europe, and better again, the UK. Not only does the UK play host to these American companies, but a booming tech startup scene has arisen here too, most notably in what is called Silicon Roundabout, an area in East London.

UK Tech Industry
With the tech industry in the UK already being worth around £100billion, it is predicted that the relatively new app developing sector will add a further £31 billion by 2025. It is an exciting area and one that is continuing to grow as fast as technology is changing. This contribution to the British economy is fuelled by several thriving tech clusters around the UK. For example, London is leading in fin-tech and commerce, Bristol is leading the way in robotics and in Manchester, media tech is flourishing. Artificial intelligence is growing in Edinburgh, gaming is progressing in Newcastle and Cambridge continues to lead the way in bioscience and hardware.

According to Tech City’s report, the conditions for entrepreneurship in the UK are optimum with up to 80% of young people saying they would like to start their own business in the next five years. You can bet that as more and more people need tech solutions, a lot of these companies will strive to provide just that. In the technology sector, employment is expected to grow nearly five times faster than the UK average. The educational base for the tech sector industries is strong, with Higher Education Institutions generating over £3 billion a year. Add this to the investment and tax schemes that are available and you get an area that is poised to continue with its rapid growth.

Most tech companies are innovative, they tackle and provide solutions to issues, they create new ways for us and our businesses to become more efficient and they create things that make our day to day lives easier, and more fun.

Video Brochures and the Tech Industry – A Natural Fit
Video brochures are innovative in their own right. They have taken a tried and tested communication avenue in direct mail and made it fresh, unique and even more effective. They provide excellent tools for all types of business; big or small, multinational or start-up, and they can be used across a wide array of industries. The tech industry in particular, is one that seems the perfect fit. Launching a new start-up or trying to stand that extra head higher than the rest of the crowd is often achieved by being different and standing out. Present your innovative idea through the use of another, and one that delivers a high impactful message.

As the tech industry continues to grow, there is more need than ever to stand out and leave a strong lasting effect on potential customers and those all important investors. Video brochures give you that extra edge, and in an industry that is moving extremely quickly, that edge can be vital.


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