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Increase Engagement at Events

Events are an excellent opportunity to interact with customers and give them a one on one demonstration of your product and services. They also give you the opportunity to see what competitors are up to, and see what else the industry has to offer.

One of the things that is commonly mentioned on our blog, is the difficulty in standing out in the modern marketing landscape. This is an equally challenging thing to do at events and conventions where there are other stands, some very elaborate, that are all looking to draw in a crowd and gain their business.

Visitors to exhibitions browse, and it is the stands that really grab their attention that they will spend the most time at, giving the exhibitor more time to interact, pitch and convert. Many visitors pass stands with little more than a glance and the taking of whatever it is that is being given away such as pens and leaflets. The trick is to entice them to stay that little bit longer and to engage with them enough that they want to ask questions and know more.

Video brochures have proven to increase engagement at events. They are an unusual thing to find at a stand and that in itself is enough to grab the attention of visitors. Fully branded with your company logo and colours, or with a design of your choice, video brochures draw people in and engage them with a video that makes your message easier to assimilate. At the end of a long day at the exhibition, when visitors sit down to sort through their take away pieces, the video brochure is the one that will stand out and deliver a highly innovative, unique and impactful communication that will increase the chances of them acting upon your message.

Ingram Micro were looking for an appropriate innovative premium take away piece to support their global presence at Mobile World Congress. Vidioh worked with them and their agency to produce a 4.3” A5 video brochure accompanied by a presentation box. The result was an impactful piece that ensured visitors to their stand will remember Ingram Micro as a world leader in mobile device lifecycle services.

Events are a great opportunity to show your business and hopefully take on more. Make the most of your event and ensure that you stand out, make an impact, and stay in the memory of your visitors. Video brochures will increase engagement at and from events, meaning those visitors are much more likely to act on your message, and not your competitors.


For more information on how you can use video brochures to increase engagement, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call on 0844 225 3106.