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New Year, New Opportunities

We’re well into 2017 now, and most of us have read more than enough articles on the next big thing in marketing, SEO, video and so on. Every year there are predictions, and for the most part, these predictions become factual. They do however, very often spill over into the next year. Yes, online marketing is progressing, though it is safe to say that it is doing so at different speeds. Video, for example, has been a feature of many a list for years and it continues to be of key importance. It isn’t exactly, new, though. VR, now that’s new. Trudging along for some time, it’s had many people excited for years. 2016 saw some huge developments – not only is the technology becoming more advanced, it is becoming more accessible. With this, marketers can realistically consider VR applications as part of their campaigns which is very exciting.

Offline marketing, while still massively effective, has not had the same kind of coverage. Speaking from experience, video brochures have been growing massively. Demand over the past year has been high as more and more people learn of the results they generate. One huge trend we’ve noticed here is that repeat orders are becoming the norm. In general marketing terms, video brochures are in their infancy – still developing and making their presence known. As Vidioh moves from one year to the next, our clients are increasingly using our video brochures as part of their annual, and even quarterly, strategies. Agencies are speaking to us daily about a new client who loves the idea and want to put it to work for themselves, and printers are purchasing Just the Screens by the hundreds to incorporate into their creative pieces.

One of the main reasons for video brochure’s soaring popularity is their simplicity. They are a wonderful product, and one that adds a level of prestige, uniqueness and sparks curiosity amongst those who receive them but underneath it all, it is a product that has figured out how to combine two of the most effective communication methods whilst also tackling one of the biggest challenges marketers face: grabbing the attention of consumers in a world where it has become near impossible to do so.

Combining two of the most effective communication methods

By this, we, of course, mean video and direct mail. Video is the buzzword of the past five years and for good reason. It works. You can sell your brand, communicate your message and set the tone in less than 30 seconds in a well-made video.

You’ve made your video, but where do you host it? Youtube? Facebook? Twitter? You can, but unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of other businesses doing the same thing and the audience simply doesn’t have the time to watch everything. Once upon a time, seeing a video in a news feed was exciting and different. Now it’s expected. If the video doesn’t grab your attention, then it isn’t getting views, and without views, you cannot expect conversions.

When watched though, video is the most powerful way to deliver a message.

Direct mail is the other method. Everything is digitised. Digitisation has its benefits but there is also a downside. The constant barrage of advertisements and emails we receive has made them impersonal and generalised. Direct mail has opened the door for a more personal communication that the recipient feels has been created and sent specifically for them. There’s an element of care and additional effort that goes into direct mail that makes it feel special.

So, combining the incredible power of video and the impact and effectiveness of direct mail, video brochures are the solution to the problem of: how do I deliver a clear, concise, attention-grabbing, informative and special message to my clients?

Think outside the box.

Think bigger too. Think extraordinary. Offer your clients the ultimate communication tool for their campaigns and really wow customers this year.

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