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Video Brochures – Best Use Cases

Whether you’re selling a product, wanting to demonstrate your abilities, or conducting a presentation, video brochures add a unique element. Video brochures give your audience a memorable experience and for many businesses, they still aren’t a tried-and-tested asset. We appreciate it’s sometimes hard to know where you can use them, and what they’re most appropriate for so, here’s a rundown of the five ways we see businesses use video brochures successfully.

Account-Based Marketing

With more and more businesses using ABM, it’s increasingly important to create relevant, personalised content for your target accounts. You want to stand out from the crowd, and ensure your communications are memorable and sometimes personal. Video content can be targeted to specific audiences and easily uploaded to the video brochure at time of manufacture. Or the video mailer could be designed with an internal pocket which could hold a personalised printed message or card. Alternatively, our UK Express Service offers a 7.0” High Definition All Angle Viewing Screen produced in a hardback book format which can be personalised on the outer or inner covers. Talk to us about the variety of ways that we can help you to personalise your customer experience.

Direct Mail

Targeted, direct mail is making a resurgence, and is a highly effective way to target specific audiences. 52% of marketers confirm that video is their highest ROI tool with over 80-90% of direct mail getting opened daily. With so many people using this channel, it can be hard to stand out. However, with video brochures, you would be delivering a high quality, engaging, tactile package – hence they are much more likely to increase your open rates. Video brochures combine both print and with video content, in a compact and easy to distribute format. So, you can include your most engaging and relevant video content whilst using print creatively too. Recipients of video brochures are also far more likely to share it with their work colleagues making video brochures more widely distributed and memorable, making the ROI very attractive.

Branding and Awareness

Whether you’re re-branding an existing business, launching a new one, or creating more awareness, you may be missing a trick if you don’t use video brochures.  According to a HubSpot survey, consumers want to see videos from brands, over all other assets, including emails, newsletters and blogs.  The survey also found that video is the most memorable kind of content to send out. Making video brochures, one of the most ideal ways to distribute your video content in a memorable way.

Events and Tradeshows

At events and tradeshows, your time with potential customers is limited. Not only are you fighting for their attention over the noise and hubbub of the event, but you want them to remember you long after they leave!  And this is where your challenge is: they’ve probably spoken to many other businesses, so you need to ensure you stand out. Video brochures provide an ideal opportunity to deliver your message again and again, you can give them away at the event and ensure your visitors have something to remember you by when they get home. And as you’re providing video over written content, it’s easier for them to remember who you are and how you act. Video brochures let people watch content at their own convenience, and because you can fit so much in, you don’t need to worry about giving people your full sales pitch at the event.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Using case studies and customer testimonials in your sales and marketing approach aren’t new. But using video case studies will have a much higher impact. For example, an explainer video helped Inbenta improve their conversion rates by 20%. Potential customers can see exactly who you’ve worked with, and even get an idea of the work you’ve done. You can create a long-lasting impact with video case studies, and it’s easier to portray more emotion and conviction.

So, whether you are planning a product launch, need an explainer video, deliver a corporate message, deliver a sales pitch, or provide educational content. The possibilities with video are unlimited and bound to deliver a far better ROI than many other marketing platforms.

To see how we can help you use video brochures in your business, get in touch with Alicia in our sales team on 01628 880 880 or email us.

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