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Increase response rates with video brochures

As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with advertising and marketing messages every day and it can be difficult to distinguish what is useful, and what isn’t. The simplest solution is to discard them all, as we quite simply do not have time to sift through each message and make decisions on how we might react.

As a business, the aforementioned problem resonates all too clearly as it is our messages that are being ignored or simply disregarded. While customers and potential customers may look at your marketing piece, is there enough to entice them to respond to it?

The marketing sphere is becoming more and more crowded so standing out from the crowd is one thing, but increasing your response rate is another, and it is vital to the success of your direct mail marketing campaigns.

Video Brochures
  • Provide the perfect marketing piece to capture, hold, and engage your audience with an innovative combination of high-resolution video embedded into a high quality, fully branded brochure that delivers your message to a fully attentive audience.
  • Are a unique and powerful tool that stand out from the other standard forms of direct marketing, and marketing in general.
  • Provide both a physical representation of your company, as well as a powerful, visual, and audio insight.
  • Result in increased response rates. This can be attributed to the ‘wow’ factor and uniqueness that makes the product, and message, stand out in the end users mind, as well as encouraging them to pass it around to colleagues. With your message firmly at the forefront of someone’s mind, even at the end of another day of been bombarded with messages, yours is the one they are more likely to look at and remember!
The power of video marketing brochures

W7’s client was looking to increase the response rates of their direct mail campaigns and we were thrilled to work with them to help them to achieve this. The results spoke for themselves, and their client saw a great increase in response rates to their campaign.

“Our video card B2B campaign for our client is currently delivering a 25% conversion rate to appointments. On the previous campaign our client converted 10% of the recipients to accounts. How about that?”


Simon Baxter, W7Ltd

There is no question as to the power of video marketing, as part of your marketing arsenal, and using Video Brochures as a means to distribute your valuable video content will increase your ROI, response rates time and time again and provide an all-round marketing solution that will ensure that your message is heard and acted upon.

If you are looking to increase your direct mail response rates, please feel free to get in touch and we would be more than happy to help. Call Alicia today on 01628 880 880 or contact us.


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