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Bringing learning to life for local schools at the Chelmsford Museum.

Chelmsford City Museum

The Chelmsford City Museum provides you with the opportunity to take a walk through history, from the Ice Age, right through to the present day. There is the chance to see a mammoth, watch a princely Anglo-Saxon burial, and find out what used to be on your local street.

Recently refurbished, the museum provides brand new galleries, child friendly interactive displays, thousands of artefacts and immersive video installations designed to suit all ages and abilities. The museum is ideally suited for school groups, with experienced museum tutors who use the collections and purpose built interactive exhibits to bring learning to life for children of all ages and abilities.

ClientChelmsford City Museum
SkillsEducation and Learning


The museum underwent a major refurbishment several years ago and only fully reopened in 2019, this followed by closures due to the pandemic in 2020 and 2021 meant that the footfall in the museum had drastically reduced and as such not many people were aware of the incredible improvements the museum made during the refurbishment, as well as the huge array of exciting hands-on sessions that they now offer.  They had also fallen off the radar of many of the local schools, some of which would not have heard of all of the exciting opportunities now available for schools at the museum.

As we all know, teachers and school staff are generally very busy people who don’t often have time to read newsletters sent out by email. So the team at the Museum felt that they needed a more novel way to demonstrate their offering to this target audience. It was decided that a video brochure sent to schools for their staffroom would be the ideal mechanism to entice them to engage with the Museum’s video content and message with the aim of encouraging them to book a school visit to the Museum. 


Video brochures provide the ideal means to serve up video content to your target audience in a meaningful and engaging way. The video content that the Museum had produced was ideal for this purpose, and gave them the opportunity to really showcase all that the Museum now has to offer.

The primary aim of the video brochure was to provide schools with an overview of the museum, to show how they use their collections, purpose-built interactive exhibits and the outdoors to bring learning to life by making learning more exciting, memorable and fun! Demonstrating their cross-curricular learning sessions which are linked to the national curriculum and led by experienced museum tutors.

The video brochures

The team at the Chelmsford Museum chose our 5.0 inch High Definition All Angle Viewing Screen set in an A5 Landscape Soft Back Video Card. This screen is one of our medium sized screens in our range and provides the ideal format and size to display videos of this nature. The brochure also included a play/pause and volume buttons below the screen.

We always encourage our customers to carefully consider the design of the outer cover of the video brochure as this provides the first interaction and engagement with their audience, and as such needs to entice them to want to open the brochure. The cover of this piece did just that, with a simple clear message that encapsulated the purpose of the video brochure ‘Real Things, Real Experiences, Real Learning – your School at Chelmsford City Museum’ which was expertly artworked by the team at our design company within the group, MB Creative

The results

Almost half the schools they have sent the video brochures to have already made a booking, interestingly many of these schools have never visited the museum before, so the team are delighted that the video brochure is having the desired effect and reaching the audience they were hoping to attract.

Vidioh were really helpful in guiding us through the process of designing and creating our video brochures, and we are delighted with the final product. It is really high quality and is something we’re proud to show to our clients.

Laura French
Chelmsford City Museum

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