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Using Video Brochures to achieve ‘WOW’ factor


Viega Ltd are a global manufacturer of piping systems, working within the plumbing industry.

Their ambition is to exceed themselves each and every day. Viega focus on providing the highest quality products and customer support by developing better products and service features, and maintaining regular dialogue with customers.

ClientViega Ltd
SkillsGlobal Manufacturer


Viega were unknown to the UK, which presented them with a number of challenges. They wanted to introduce customers to who they were, what they did, and the size of and history behind the business. It was also important they had a way to show the variety of products on offer and their uses. This all had to be done to the highest quality in order to position the brand at a premium level within the marketplace.

To increase the challenge further, Viega were limited to a short timescale after being introduced to UK wholesalers with multiple outlets – and it was important to take up the opportunities as soon as they could.


The solution they came to was to create video brochures that would be given out to managers, senior decision makers, and directors of wholesalers, with video content that could effectively send out their message. These could then be passed down to other members of staff so the Viega brand, and what they had to offer, could be quickly understood.

Instant education was the main focus of the video brochures. Viega were keen to fire their message to a lot of people in a short hit, while still leaving a lasting impact. The quality of the video brochures also had to reflect the excellent service Viega provide, and align with their brand and values.

Viega chose to create their video brochures with Vidioh as our website gave them confidence that we were experts in the product. Locality to their office was an added bonus and the confident, friendly customer service provided by our staff, in particular Lucy our Production Manager, meant Viega found Vidioh a pleasure to work with. Working together we produced them a 7.0″HD Screen set in an A4 sized card, with an inner pocket to allow them to include a brochure neatly packaged with the video brochures. 


There were nothing but positive comments received for Viega’s video brochures, with ‘wow’ being the most common feedback.

Viega found Vidioh’s product to be far more effective than traditional methods of covering letters or brochures. In fact, they almost had a viral effect around offices, with the video brochures being passed around various target staff, ensuring their video content received multiple views.

From their video brochure marketing, Viega were also able to follow up with their target audience with personal calls by sales to recipients/outlets. The video they sent out provided a great introduction to the business, and video brochures proved to be the best way to share their video message.

Richard Bolton

Marketing Manager

‘First class product. First class service. First class results.’

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