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Automotive Direct Mail Marketing

Last month we had a look at the legal industry and examined how video brochures could help them to expand and enrich their marketing. This month, we will take a look at the automotive industry, as an alternative for automotive direct mail marketing and as something new that companies in this industry can add to their marketing communication mix.

Similarly to the legal industry, the automotive industry holds a certain level of prestige. A lot of brands place emphasis on this, and create content and advertisements to reflect their brand. Instead of just selling you a car, they are selling you an experience, and in some cases, a lifestyle.

It is a competitive industry, and a purchasing decision that the majority of the population do not take lightly. Customers will research extensively before buying a car and throughout this research they will undoubtedly come across multiple advertisements from a huge variety of brands. So, similarly to the legal industry, the question can stem down to, how do you stand out from the crowd and how do you ensure that your brand remains in the front of your prospects minds?

Innovative automotive direct mail marketing techniques are few and far between and this paves the way for a unique and impactful marketing tool that will ensure prospects remember you, and tilt them over your side of the fence.

Video brochures come in a range of sizes that can show off your product, deliver your message more effectively and put you in a different league than your competitors. Popular automotive companies that have already utilised video brochures include Land Rover, Mercedes, and Maserati. Video brochures can add that extra layer of prestige, particularly when presented with a hardback finish. It puts a physical item in the hands of prospects and engages them from the moment they receive it.

Some of the ways video brochures can be used as an automotive direct mail marketing piece are:

  • As a direct marketing piece that provides prospects with a visual and physical representation of your company.
  • As an opportunity for management and designers to introduce themselves and their vision with the relevant vehicle.
  • As a behind the scenes look into the manufacturing and decision process that led to the completed vehicle.
  • As a personalised message to your prospects, inviting them to test your vehicle or an accompanying piece for those who have purchased your vehicle.

The above are just some the ways you can utilise video brochures for your direct mail marketing campaign, stand out, and see an increase in your direct mail response rate.

Video brochures provide the ideal automotive direct mail marketing solution, offering an imaginative, impactful, engaging and memorable marketing piece that will effectively communicate your message.

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