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Direct Mail for Lawyers

There are a huge variety of industries out there, all of which, could utilise the impact and effectiveness of video brochures. It is for that reason, that once a month we want to identify specific industries and examine how video brochures can be integrated in to just about any marketing communication plan in any industry.

This month, we will take a look at video brochures as a solution to direct mail for lawyers. In an industry where personal recommendation and reputation are absolutely key to advancing and expanding a lawyer’s career, there is a big opportunity to do something different other than traditional word of mouth and advertising methods.

People need to trust lawyers and quite often, potential clients will only see a lawyer on a piece of paper or through a picture on a website. Of course, this has its benefits but it doesn’t offer a potential client the opportunity to really get to know the lawyer outside of a meeting. In order to get that meeting though, you need to stand out and offer the client something more personal that will allow them to get to know you, before they know you. The same applies to law firms, while they may have a strong reputation, utilising a personal direct marketing solution will allow them to stand out from a crowd and build that all important initial trust with potential clients.

Video brochures offer the ideal solution. They are innovative and a relatively new piece of marketing material that will guarantee that you are remembered, and, that your message has been heard. The following are some examples of how they could be used by law firms and lawyers:

  • Visual introduction to the law firm and/or an interview with the Director of the firm discussing their values.
  • As business cards for lawyers who can both visually and audibly introduce themselves, their goals, their values and their experience, allowing for a more personal introduction.
  • Business to business direct mail – introduce and update businesses on your firms experience, achievements and skills-set.
  • Direct mail advertising – advertise yourself or firm in a creative, impactful and memorable way.

These are only some of the uses, as there really are no limits on ways they can be utilised. From a 2.4” business card to a larger 4.3”, 5.0” or 7.0” brochure, they are a sure fire way to stand out from the crowd, be heard, and build that initial trust with your potential clients.

Have you ideas for applications of video brochures? We would love to hear your thoughts. Get in touch and if you or somebody you know would find this post helpful, feel free to share it around!

Also, feel free to suggest any industries that you would like discussed!

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