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Creating an Even Bigger Impact with Vidioh Bespoke Pieces

If you are looking to create an even bigger impact, be it for a product launch, a campaign, or to communicate with existing clients, Vidioh can produce a range of bespoke boxes to help you do just this.

Direct marketing is still as effective as ever, and, with the marketing landscape largely crowded by digital and online, it stands out and grabs people’s attention in an era where we are bombarded with hundreds of digital and online marketing messages everyday. A simple mailer isn’t as effective however, and that is where video brochures continue to excel in bringing something different and unique. Building on this, you can take your direct marketing even further with the creation of bespoke boxes that the recipient simply cannot help but pay attention to.

Vidioh technology is incredibly versatile allowing you to get creative with your direct marketing pieces. Utilising this versatility, you can create dramatic and impactful display boxes in almost any shape and size. The only limit is your imagination.

Hitachi presented a great package to visitors attending a recent event. The box held a 2.4″ video business card which acted as an engaging and impactful tool to present their message, and, a portable device charger as a a gift to those visiting. This is an excellent example of a simple, yet very effective bespoke piece.

The Hitachi project was well received, and its innovative concept demonstrates the power of direct mail pieces.

Quite often, what we have thought up in our minds is hard found. It can take a lot of searching, calls and enquiries to find something that is even a touch similar to what we had envisioned. Sometimes, you may not find it at all. When it comes to bringing that idea to life, having a blank canvas with the tools to build your idea is a welcome situation. When it comes to direct marketing, and video brochure technology, you can get very creative in the package that you are presenting to clients and prospects and deliver something truly unique.