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Marketing Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry, worldwide, is worth an estimated $300 billion a year. This is hardly surprising when a large chunk of this is used for marketing purposes. There are only two countries that allow advertising of pharmaceuticals, the United States of America and New Zealand. This is because advertising pharmaceuticals is a strict business and subject to several legalities that have been put in place. Yet not all pharmaceutical companies are advertising drugs and medications. Some are advertising their services, products and informative pieces that help the end user in one way or another.

The Game is Changing
There is a shift in pharmaceutical marketing that is expected to get bigger in the near future. That shift takes the focus off simply selling the most pills or products and placing this focus more on demonstrating that their brand and company will add value to their patients. Companies need to offer packages and products that people not only need, but are also willing to pay for. This shift in focus means that companies need to get more clever and more creative with how they communicate with their patients and customers.

Video is one way of doing this as it is an extremely engaging medium. Viewers find information much easier to assimilate and a visual aid is particularly useful when it is a step by step walk through or a how to. Healthcare in general, is quite a personal thing and so it is best to approach any marketing or advertising with this in mind. Trust plays a huge role in gaining new customers and video is an incredibly effective way of doing this. Presenting yourself and your business through video allows prospects to see you and connect with you, something that is extremely important. Video, while being excellent at presenting information and building trust, doesn’t feel quite as personal. It could have been created for anybody unless it has been specifically personalised.

Make it Personal
Direct mail has the opposite effect. Direct mail makes people feel valued, and, in an industry where a personal touch goes a long way, this is very important. When your end user receives their video brochure, it becomes a personal communication that speaks to them and only them. It is an opportunity to create a level of engagement and attention like no other medium and transmit your message to its fullest potential. This personal approach is ideal, especially when considering the shift in approach to marketing in the pharmaceutical industry. A large part of adding value is presenting end users with something of use, value and interest and video brochures allow you to tick all of these boxes with one simple, yet incredibly effective marketing tool.


Get Ahead of your Competitors
The pharmaceutical industry is huge and is only continuing to grow. With marketing in the industry beginning to change, now is the time to get ahead of the game and start building that brand value by connecting with your customers in a unique and impactful way.