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Deliver your Marketing with Impact – Video Brochures

Marketing, by its very definition is the action of selling products and services through promotion and advertising. This can be done through a few different channels, be it offline, direct, online or content. They are all geared towards the same purpose: to promote and sell.

Times have Changed
In modern times, there is an increased importance placed upon content marketing and, the feeling that if you fail to follow this trend, then your business will suffer as a result. There is an air of truth to this as customers are becoming much more savvy. In the past, advertising and marketing consisted largely of presenting the product or service, showing it in use and telling the customer the price. Now, however, people don’t want to see this. With the popularity of the internet and its accessibility, anybody with internet access can at any given moment simply search online for the product or service they are looking for.

Attention spans are becoming shorter and so the need to engage audiences quicker than ever is an absolute necessity. More and more brands are leaning towards making their advertisements and marketing more shareable. For example, you may have seen the advertisement featuring Van Damme for Volvo which at the time of publishing this has 76.6 million views. It is a tremendous example of content and viral marketing that reached far more people than a normal newspaper or even television advertisement would. It is this, combined with the way we deliver our marketing, that will make the difference.

Delivering your Marketing
As well as creating something that people will want to share and watch over and over again, there is the issue of how to deliver your creation. While creating something engaging is important, it is not always the only thing to consider. The wealth of videos online is endless and therefore it means you have seconds to grab the viewer before they decide to click away. Vidioh aim to remedy this through video brochures. You may have come across video brochures before, though they are still relatively new in the world of marketing. None-the-less they are gathering a lot of steam and doing so very quickly.

Direct Mail
Direct mail has been around for a long time and its effectiveness is evident. The one problem is, though, that nothing new has been introduced to it in a long time. In a world where video is the most effective means of communication, adding video to a tried and tested form of marketing in direct mail, is a move in the right direction and one that is making sure your creative content and messages are viewed by the right people, and, being remembered.

Video Brochures
Companies who have used video brochures have reported an increase in their direct mail response rates, increased engagement, increased conversion rates and all round good responses and reactions from their clients. The very nature of a video brochure means it will grab attention and hold it and it is for this reason that they are excelling. Whilst still early days, video brochures continue to move forward and the future for them looks very bright indeed.

Marketing nowadays is driven by content and it is very important that this content be viewed by the right people. Without sending direct with something that will grab attention, this cannot be guaranteed and this is why more and more companies and are utilsiing the impact of video brochures.


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