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Grabbing your Audiences Attention with Video Brochures

In an article written by Paul McCord back in September 2013 called “Selling in a World of 8 Second Attention Spans”, the point was very well made that, customers nowadays, do not have a great attention span and the need to contact them more regularly, or more effectively, is becoming more and more vital.

The question asked then is how? How do you get in touch with these customers in a way that will really capture their attention and keep them interested long enough to consume and understand the message you are looking to communicate?

Create an Effective Message
Firstly you need an effective message. You are looking to encourage the recipient to take action based on your message. You need to offer the recipient something of value, something that will benefit them. You need to create something that is engaging and this is where content marketing is moving forward leaps and bounds.

Putting that Message In-Front of your Audience
Once you have crafted the perfect message, you need a way to get that message in front of your audience. Email campaigns are great and present great analytical feedback, however, they are very easily overlooked, disregarded or deleted. The same goes for traditional forms of direct mail, While it is incredibly effective putting a physical object in your audience’s hands, it is also very easily misplaced, disregarded or even binned. This may be no reflection on your content, it is most commonly down to the fact that your audience are being bombarded by messages left, right and centre every day.

Video as a Communication Tool
Video, is proven to be one of, if not the, most effective way of transferring information to your audience. People retain more information through video as it is a much more engaging medium. However, the challenge then remains, how do you ensure that it gets right in front of the right people? This is where video brochures are really excelling. Combining the engagement of video with the impact, directness and personalisation of direct mail, businesses are getting their messages to their audiences in a more effective and memorable way.

Capturing your Audiences Attention
It is important to have the perfect message, but also to capture their attention and imagination and put something in their hands that they will show to others and generate that wow factor that will get them talking about you, your product and how you are reaching them.

Video Brochures
This is exactly what Vidioh is all about, helping you to communicate your message in the most effective way possible and leave a long-lasting effect on your audience. Video brochures provide the complete solution that allows you to grab your audience’s attention and deliver your message in a creative and effective way. Video brochures are a memorable piece meaning you can even decrease your direct mail frequency, whilst still seeing a massive increase for your direct mail response rates. Create direct mail examples can inspire you with ideas for your next campaign.

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