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Video Brochures in the Film, Television and Music Industry

Three of the most obvious and well suited industries where video brochures could be utilised are the film, television and music industries, though the idea has yet to be introduced.


The Film and Television Industry
Film and television are marvellous things. No other medium can tell a story quite like film and television with their combination of theatre, story-telling, visuals and music. It really is an incredibly powerful spectacle.

Everyone loves the buzz and thrill of going to see the latest film. Receiving your ticket or invitation is simply the first step. None-the-less, there is no reason why this shouldn’t be just as exciting. For events such as screenings and premieres, video brochures would add another level of excitement to the process, and would be a creative way to engage the audience from the very first stage: the invite.


Video brochures can be used:

  • As a direct, exciting and memorable invitation to a screening or premiere.
  • As a way of promoting the film and or premiere of a television programme.
  • As a behind the scenes look at the making of the film or television series including interviews with cast, crew and more.
  • As part of the film and television experience where the audience can be engaged with the process of creating the film or series.

Video brochures can be used in a variety of ways in this industry. The above are just some of those ways. Film and television are visual mediums, and so what better way to invite guests, provide pre-screening information or to engage your audience through the process than with a direct video brochure that lands right in the audiences hands.


The Music Industry
The music industry offers similar opportunities. Music is another powerful medium and one that evokes an emotional response from listeners. With the rise of online video, there is a strong visual element also that allows artists to communicate with their audience and listeners.

As an art form, music often pushes boundaries and so there are numerous opportunities to do this with marketing and advertising by utilising video brochures. The following are some examples of how video brochures could be used.

  • As part of a concert package that gives audiences a behind the scenes look at the venue, set-up and exclusive footage.
  • As a way to present a music video to an exclusive selection of people.
  • A personal message from the artist.
  • A creative way to introduce artists and their content.

The above are just some of the uses for video brochures in the music industry with their uses only limited by imagination.

Video brochures provide a powerful and impactful way of delivering your message and in the entertainment industry, presentation and standing out are important parts of gaining and engaging your audience. Another industry wide use is a business card with video which would be ideal for use at pitches and meetings as a way to leave behind your showreel. Whatever the application, video brochures and business cards are an excellent way to help you to achieve your marketing communications objectives in the film, television and music industry.


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