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Using video brochures to ramp up your marketing communications in 2022

The world of marketing is fast paced and constantly changing and evolving and sadly it doesn’t wait for anyone. With so many facets to any marketing strategy these days, it’s difficult to know how to keep up and which ones are right for your business. Add to this a pandemic where marketers have had to adapt, get creative and step outside their comfort zones and you have a very dynamic environment! Where do you start?

So, we have taken a quick look at one specific marketing tool that you should definitely consider for your marketing suite in 2022, video brochures and here’s why…

Video in 2022

There is no doubt that the global pandemic has certainly increased the consumption of video content exponentially. And the predictions are that this trend is likely to continue. Video content has, for a long time, been at the top of the list for most marketers in their content strategy, and with so many people working from home, the demand for this type of content is set to continue to grow. So, it’s clear that video is here to stay, what is likely to change is the type of content and how it is delivered or distributed.

HubSpot’s marketing trends of 2022 identifies that the trend for video marketing in 2022, from extensive research, is a shift from long-form content to short-form content. This is currently being considered as the second most effective trend for 2022 that marketers are currently leveraging’, secondary only to using Influencers. 

Platforms like Instagram have set the bar for creating informative videos in a shorter space of time. Whilst this does not mean there isn’t a place for long-form video in your content strategy when it comes to things like product tutorials, the importance of creating attention grabbing content, in short-form videos is considered more effective with an audience that is increasingly consuming vast amounts of content in a short space of time.

This is also forcing marketers to really think about their video content, to ensure they create content that can inform and capture their audience quickly.

HubSpot’s article also confirms that ‘Video will remain the top marketing content format’ in 2022. In their Not Another State of Marketing Report 2021 they had identified that video was the primary type of marketing content being created in 2021, and it looks like nothing has changed. Their survey found that ‘59% of survey participants use video in their content marketing strategy, while 76% of marketers that leverage video call it their most effective content format. Not to mention, one in four marketers who use video (or 27%) say it’s the content type that yields the biggest ROI.’ And why? It is widely recognised that video allows you to connect with your customer in a more meaningful way, allowing you to make your content more interesting and more engaging. But more importantly video has become a lot easier and less expensive to produce, so creating video content is more widely available to any business. And finally, once a video is created, its reach and distribution is exponential across a multitude of digital channels.

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Another big trend that will continue to climb this year is account-based marketing (ABM). Targeting your marketing efforts around a person’s interests, demographics and requirements (ie what they are searching for) and personalising your approach to them. Customers want to feel valued; they want to feel heard, and they are looking for businesses that respond to their needs. So, building relationships and creating meaningful experiences for your potential customers is certainly the way to improve your overall customer experience.

Maximise your ABM strategy

Time to ramp up

As businesses open up, following the pandemic, and marketers look at how the marketing landscape has changed, it is time to look at our marketing mix and how we can get ahead identifying the general trends and how each of our businesses can take advantage. Things are different now, perhaps they will never be the same, but it does provide us with a moment to reflect and to consider new ways to engage with our audiences in a more meaningful way. Key considerations are going to be – simplifying our content and our message, nurturing relationships and building trust.

Stepping outside of the box and thinking a bit differently may unlock many doors that will lead to increased response rates, higher engagement, and much better ROI.

Video brochures provide an ideal way to deliver video content to connect with your potential customers in a meaningful and engaging way. They allow you to create your video content and artwork to deliver on the specific requirement of your marketing campaign, whether this is purely to capture the end user’s attention, deliver specific information, or launch a new product ensuring that you deliver on an account-based marketing strategy.

Video brochures provide the perfect marketing tool to deliver your video content in a personal way to a specific audience.

We’ve worked with many companies across a wide range of industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, technology, media, agencies, healthcare, education, lifestyle, aviation, construction to name a few. Video brochures really can be utilised across any industry. Their impact is universal, and the applications are endless.

So, if you’re interested in learning more, feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

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