Vidioh is the UK's leading provider of video brochures, video books and video business cards

An innovative marketing tool that combines the power of high-resolution video with the precision of direct mail, video brochures deliver highly impactful and effective marketing campaigns that get your message in front of key customers in an extremely engaging and memorable way.

  • High Resolution Video
  • Multiple Print Styles
  • Engaging Content
  • Increased ROI

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Why choose Vidioh!

Vidioh was formed back in 2011 when high-resolution video brochures were still a relatively new technology – and certainly an unusual form of marketing. Since then the company has grown rapidly to become a leading player in the market. Our success has been founded on our firm commitment to delivering the highest quality video brochure products and providing customers and clients with the very best level of service.

Quite simply, creating video brochures, effective communication and direct mail solutions are what we do best, and we continually strive to identify new products and opportunities to help enhance our clients’ businesses and deliver highly engaging marketing campaigns.

2.4" Business Card
2.8" Video Brochure
4.3" Video Brochure
5.0" Video Brochure
7.0" Point of Sale Unit
7.0" Video Brochure

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Who's using Vidioh

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  • Vidioh cards have been a great concept for Xerox and has been highly appreciated by our top clients and customers!- Nitya Sabina, Xerox Emirates
  • Vidioh! cards add real value and a provide a long-lasting impression, especially combined with the right content and impactful design!- Alexandra Harrison, HMX
  • Out of the first 20 cards sent out, 15 meetings were set up - a response rate of 75%.- Jason Gaywood, Director of Corporate Premier Services HiFX
  • Using Vidioh, we've seen our marketing spend vs. return almost triple, and our Twitter feed explode with great comments in response.- Dave Bennett, Nuko Agency
  • The Vidioh card is an excellent way of following up on warm leads and, in an age where direct mail is less common, it’s a means of guaranteeing your prospects remember you.- Heather Chesley, Marketing Manager, RM Education
  • Alicia, Lucy and their team at Vidioh have provided us with a fantastic service and it has been a pleasure working with them. I would recommend them to anyone looking to produce video business cards as they are a highly professional and efficient team. We look forward to working with them again in the future!- Ellice Williams, Account Executive, Golley Slater
  • We were very impressed with the all-round service from Vidioh! and we would definitely be happy to work with them again. The pack costs were very competitive and the account handling and project management was excellent throughout. - Robin Colbeck, Amadeus
  • We have worked with Vidioh on a number of occasions and they have always gone the extra mile to provide great service for us and our clients. I cannot recommend Lucy and her team enough. If you’re looking for a great quality product with excellent customer service and a reliable supplier, you should be talking to Vidioh.- Claire Walsh, Producer, The Giggle Group