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John Innes - Case Study

The John Innes Centre is an independent international center of excellence in plant science and microbiology. Its mission is to generate knowledge of plants and microbes through innovative research; to apply its knowledge of nature’s diversity to benefit agriculture, the environment, human health and well-being; to train scientists for the future; to engage with policymakers and the public.

ClientJohn Innes
UseAdvertising Campaign
Olly Heaton

Communications Officer, John Innes Centre

“We’ve had a great experience working with Vidioh on our various video books and they’ve all enjoyed great success, particularly the most recent one, which we took to the Fostering Innovation conference where the books proved a serious hit! Since then we’ve fielded enquiries from people at the conference about where they can get hold of their own. Even the judges of the Excellence with Impact competition remarked about how great they were, and one of them was one of the enquirers asking how to make his own book!”

Our working relationship

We’ve had the pleasure of working with John Innes on several occasions. The company’s first project with us was a 7.0″ HD Vidioh Express video book used to raise awareness and to educate about plant and microbial life. Titled: ‘The Book of Microbial Life: From Genotype to Phenotype’, the artwork was bright and eye-catching with an animated design. The video book added a whole new dimension to this fascinating piece of work, making it even more memorable thanks to the attention-grabbing nature of the medium.

This led to another project called ‘Women of the Future’ which is an annual event held at the John Innes Centre designed to broaden the horizons of female teenagers; smashing stereotypes about what girls can achieve and what a “scientist” looks like. Again, using strong colours and an animated design, we delivered a fantastic video book that showcased a brilliant event!

To celebrate this, they had some more Vidioh Express books produced. It is an excellent achievement to have been named a finalist, only over-shadowed by the fact that the John Innes team were named winners not long after! Their latest video books were used to announce their amazing achievement in a truly attention-grabbing way.

Not long afterward, John Innes was selected as a finalist in ‘Excellence with Impact’, which is a competition by Bioscience for the future (BBSRC) that aims to recognise institutions that can develop and successfully deliver a vision for maximising impact, alongside a relevant institution-wide culture change.

Video Book

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with John Innes on their various projects and are delighted that our videobooks have helped bring John Innes so much success.

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