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Innovative Marketing for Universities

Universities are plentiful and very competitive.

There are around 109 universities in the UK, with a further 133 higher educational institutes that haven’t been given the university or college status.

Spread the net even further and we reach into the thousands. That’s thousands of universities all competing for enrolment. Traditional barriers have been broken down, and travel, particularly for studying, is much easier than ever before meaning universities are competing worldwide.

The open day is one of the most powerful marketing tools and opportunities that a university has. It’s a chance to show off all they have to offer, and to hopefully instil enough of their atmosphere and culture in the visitors, that it stays with them when they leave.

Sorting through the Masses of Material
The problem with this is that students visit multiple universities before making their choice and at the end of a long period of visits, they sit down with bags and bags of promotional, mostly printed, material. It is a mammoth task to sort through and review all of this due. Once the task has been completed, students can feel exhausted and it’s easy to forget which university said what and who offered the best choices.

We have worked with several universities to help them produce something truly different that will stand out and let the students remember their visit in a unique way. Video brochures allow you to give your visitors, and potential students, the chance to recap their experience through print, audio and visual, recreating the campus experience and delivering a personal message which can go a long way to influencing what university the student chooses.

How can Video Brochures be Used?
The only limitation is your imagination (Perhaps becoming a bit of a marketing cliche!) Below are a few ways you can use video brochures to get head of your competition.

  • Provide a personal message from the university dean.
  • Student testimonials.
  • Provide breakdowns, benefits and extra information on the different courses and facilities, presented by the lecturers and students.
  • Tips, tricks and advice on getting the most of university life, and guidance on how to make the right choice.
  • A virtual tour of the university campus including accommodation, lecture halls and facilities.

That WOW factor
The wow factor is something we frequently hear of when discussing new tools and technology. It’s certainly a common term used when relaying the benefits of video brochures! This is because they are new, innovative and despite being around for quite some time, a lot of people haven’t seen them yet. When they do, it captures their attention and holds it, delivering a very powerful message. It’s this point of difference, this extra mile, this innovative approach, that will get your marketing noticed in the ever increasing crowd. In fact, your campaign will stand out head and shoulders above the rest, and ensure you remain firmly at the front of your audience’s mind.


If you would like to learn more about video brochures or would like to discuss how they could be used, feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

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