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Working with Vidioh

Video brochures are our sole business. They aren’t an add on, a side business, or a little something extra we offer. Video brochures are our business and as a result, we know them well – extremely well.

All too often now-a-days you call a company seeking information only to connect with a call centre. At Vidioh, we don’t like this idea. We feel it instantly depersonalises the experience and creates a barrier between you and the people who you will be dealing with when working together. After all, video brochures are still a relatively new product, and to many so is the process of ordering them. As such, we believe that an honest, direct, friendly and helpful approach is the only way.

Other than offering great customer service and products, we at Vidioh also strive to offer the very best customer experience – something that suffers when there are too many middlemen. From the moment you enquire, be it through the contact form on the website or a call to our office, you will be speaking with those who will be actively managing your order from start to finish. Every step of the process is transparent and your point of contact will always be made clear, so should you ever have any questions or problems, you know who will be there to help you through.

The Vidioh team are here to deal directly with your enquiries and there are no call centres, no distributors and no false promises. We have been trading from our offices for the past four years, tucked down Mill Lane in the New Boathouse in Maidenhead. So if you’d like to come and visit and see for yourself please give us a call.

What drives the Vidioh team is the opportunity to work with all types of business and individuals to bring something truly different to their marketing; something that will make their campaign incredibly memorable and one that will deliver the results expected, generating interest and intrigue from all those who have had the good fortune of receiving a video brochure!

We enjoy the process of working with our clients to make sure their project is perfect. Building relationships is important to us, and going the extra mile to ensure customers receive the best customer experience is not only expected, it is guaranteed.

Have an Idea?

If you’re thinking about launching your own video brochure campaign, or would simply like to know more, feel free to get in touch. If you’d like some inspiration, head on over to our gallery.

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