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Impact and engage…from every angle!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, as a song from the last century once claimed, what would the value of a moving image be?

A thousand pictures, one hundred thousand words…? Who knows.

Something that is more certain is that video is becoming increasingly mainstream across all forms of marketing communication. You only need to look at YouTube’s success to realise this. More searches are performed on YouTube than on AOL, Ask, Bing and Yahoo…combined.

Video is huge. That much is obvious.

Here at Vidioh, we’ve seen the evidence first hand; people don’t just want to watch – or even make – videos, they want to use them. What’s more, they want to use them effectively and creatively.

The importance of the screen on video brochures cannot be overstated. It is the key element and the one thing that will determine whether or not the brochure is a success. Even on a plain white artwork, a high quality screen can create a huge impact. After all, this impact is what video brochures are all about.

That’s why we’ve been constantly researching and testing to find the newest and the best screens available for our video brochures.

The Best Screens on the Market!

All of our work has paid off with the introduction of the 4.0” HD and 5.0” HD All Angle Screens.

These screens have really upped the ante, offering unrivalled picture quality. They are clearer, crisper and sharper than before with a viewing angle like no other on the market.

This means that your messages can be delivered through the highest quality screen embedded into a high impact video brochure – something that simply cannot be ignored.

Take a look at our gallery for more inspiration!

Tech Specs

The 4.0” HD and 5.0” HD All Angle Screens have the following standard specifications.

5.0” HD All Angle Screen

  • A5 Portrait or Landscape
  • Universal, Single Sided, 4 Colour, Matt Lamination
  • 2 hour battery
  • 512mb memory (460mb free upload space)
  • Up to 6 buttons
  • Up to 4 videos

4.0” HD All Angle Screen

  • 133mm x 95mm
  • Universal, Single Sided, 4 Colour, Matt Lamination
  • 2 hour battery
  • 512mb memory (460mb free upload space)
  • Up to 6 buttons
  • Up to 4 videos

Optional Extras

There are a range of optional extras available for these video brochures including:

  • Printed Outer Softback Presentation Box
  • Printed Outer Hardback Presentation Box
  • Pantone Colour
  • Foil Blocking
  • Spot UV
  • Internal Pocket (only available on video brochures of A5 size or larger)
  • Battery upgrade to either 3 hour, 4 hour, or 5 hour
  • Memory upgrade to 1gb, 2gb, or 4gb

See for yourselves!

Get in touch to find out more about how the 5.0” HD and 4.0” HD All Angle Screens can be used to enhance your marketing, and deliver your message with a clear, crisp and unforgettable impact.